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Toxic Rabbits


Label: Submersion Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Toxic Rabbits is a post-punk /alternative band based in Athens, Greece. Formed in 2016, they released their debut album in 2019 (City of Dead Lights).

The live feel of their gigs is captured in “Witches” where the recording and mixing of the album allows the performances to feel natural, like a band playing in their rehearsal studio or local venue.

Guitars lead the way with riffs, melodies and some solo-esque playing that really adds colour to the songs. The rhythm section lays down a powerful foundation, propelling the music forward with an irresistible momentum, beautiful basslines and sturdy drumming.
The female vocals of Danae elevate the final result with melodic singing, adding another layer to the overall post punk/rock feel that the band gives to the listener.

One element that sets Toxic Rabbits apart is their lyrics, what the band likes to call "urban poems", with a strong socio political dimension criticising the contemporary way of life.
Premium examples of that are “Point Zero” talking about the refugee crisis in the Aegean and “The Tower” talking about a Kafkaesque bureaucratic state spreading oppression.

The result is a great album firmly rooted in the rock/post punk tradition with contemporary sensibilities.