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Selections - July 2018

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  1. Alienation
    Alien Mustangs: Alienation
  2. Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol. 1
    Sfetsas Kyriakos: Greek Fusion Orchestra Vol. 1
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  3. Lepidoptera - Vinyl Reissue
    Platonos Lena: Lepidoptera - Vinyl Reissue
  4. Heaven And Earth
    Washington Kamasi: Heaven And Earth
    (LP x5)
  5. V
    Wooden Shjips: V
    (CD Digi / Cardboard)
  6. Something Else
    Brian Jonestown Massacre: Something Else
  7. The Return
    Williams Kamaal: The Return
    (LP 180GR +MP3 COUPON)
  8. Shamal Wind
    Wickham Chip: Shamal Wind
  9. Boochemish
    Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices Feat Gerrard Lisa: Boochemish
    (LP 180gr)
  10. Last Drive
    Last Drive: Last Drive
  11. Ouranos
    Stereo Nova: Ouranos
    (LP x2 180gr +MP3 COUPON)
  12. Rausch
    Gas: Rausch
    (LP x2)
  13. Hope Downs
    Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Hope Downs
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  14. Arrhythmia
    Staples Stuart: Arrhythmia
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  15. Sworr
    Sworr: Sworr
  16. Deafman Glance
    Walker Ryley: Deafman Glance
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  17. Vive La Void
    Vive La Void: Vive La Void
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  18. Shadow On Everything
    Bambara: Shadow On Everything
    (CD Digi / Cardboard)
  19. Plight & Premonition / Flux & Mutability
    Sylvian David & Czukay Holger: Plight & Premonition / Flux & Mutability
    (LP x2)
  20. Codename: Dust Sucker
    Bark Psychosis: Codename: Dust Sucker
    (LP x2 180gr +MP3 COUPON)
  21. Thuban
    Lay Llamas: Thuban
  22. Cosmic Language
    Birchall Nat: Cosmic Language
  23. The Explosive Sounds Of ...
    Sound Explosion: The Explosive Sounds Of ...
  24. Polygondwanaland
    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard: Polygondwanaland
  25. Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino
    Arctic Monkeys: Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino
    (LP 180GR +MP3 COUPON)
  26. The Horror
    Get Well Soon: The Horror
    (LP x2)
  27. Stains On Silence
    Girls Names: Stains On Silence
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  28. Age Of
    Oneohtrix Point Never: Age Of
  29. At First Sight Violets Are Blue


  1. Follow You Home / Fiend For Sleep
  2. Eastern Soul
    Abarbanel Tsvia: Eastern Soul
  3. Still
    Mazzy Star: Still
    (MLP + MP3 COUPON)
  4. Encores 1
    Frahm Nils: Encores 1
  5. Aescoba Ep
    Brainwaltzera: Aescoba Ep
  6. Long Sleep
    Hval Jenny: Long Sleep
  7. Consolation Ep
    Protomartyr: Consolation Ep
  8. Supersonic Years: The Seventies Singles Box Set
  9. Amsterdam To Nueiba
    Miel Shimshon: Amsterdam To Nueiba
  10. Mirrors
    Monophonics: Mirrors

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