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Selections - March 2023

Top Sales - February 2023


  1. The World Ended Long Time Ago
    This Immortal Coil: The World Ended Long Time Ago
    (LP x2)
  2. Hostile Architecture
    Ashenspire: Hostile Architecture
  3. Watching The Dance
    Aerial Fx: Watching The Dance
  4. Travel
    Necks: Travel
    (LP x2)
  5. Young Team.
    Mogwai: Young Team.
    (LP x2 +MP3 COUPON)
  6. Gigi's Recovery
    Murder Capital: Gigi's Recovery
  7. The Candle And The Flame
    Forster Robert: The Candle And The Flame
  8. Draft 7.30
    Autechre: Draft 7.30
    (LP x2 +MP3 COUPON)
  9. Food For Worms
    Shame: Food For Worms
  10. Come On Die Young
    Mogwai: Come On Die Young
    (LP x2 +MP3 COUPON)
  11. Jovana
    Jovana: Jovana
  12. Queens Of The Circulating Library
    Coil: Queens Of The Circulating Library
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  13. Exorkismos
    Veslemes: Exorkismos
  14. Death Is Bitter
    Vamvakaris Markos: Death Is Bitter
  15. Ennia Plhrwmena Tragoydia
  16. Anthrwpe
    Poll: Anthrwpe
  17. Akritas
    Akritas: Akritas
  18. Mercy
    Cale John: Mercy
    (LP x2)
  19. Know Matter
    Oddly Humes: Know Matter
  20. Gulliver
    Condor Gruppe: Gulliver
  21. Antiphon
    Alfa Mist: Antiphon
    (LP x2)
  22. Close
    Messa: Close
    (LP x2)
  23. Remember The Future
    Various Artists: Remember The Future
  24. Ptah, The Al Daoud - Verve By Request Series
  25. Mt V
    Mother Turtle: Mt V
  26. Against The Dark Trees Beyond
    A Blaze Colour: Against The Dark Trees Beyond
  27. Uproaring Twenties
    Speakeasies Swing Band: Uproaring Twenties
  28. Drifting
    Henriette Mette: Drifting
  29. Born
    Birth: Born
  30. Real
    Aldinucci Giulio: Real
    (LP 180GR +MP3 COUPON)


  1. Magnetic Fields
    Volanis Lefteris: Magnetic Fields
  2. Pethainoyn Sto Telos
    Pethainoyn Sto Telos: Pethainoyn Sto Telos
  3. Never Dreaming / Sweet Melody
    Secret Postcards: Never Dreaming / Sweet Melody
  4. Presents Efialtes
    Omorfa Poihmata: Presents Efialtes
  5. Little Demon
    Snails: Little Demon
  6. Maybe
    Camouflage: Maybe
  7. Shellshock
    New Order: Shellshock
  8. The Perfect Kiss
    New Order: The Perfect Kiss
  9. Sub-culture
    New Order: Sub-culture
  10. Verdade Absoluta Ep
    Norbak: Verdade Absoluta Ep

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