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Selections - April 2024

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  1. Early Singles 1981-1982
    X Mal Deutschland: Early Singles 1981-1982
  2. Ongoing
    Blues Wire: Ongoing
    (CD Digi / Cardboard.)
  3. Le Cri Du Caire
    Miniawy Abdullah / Truffaz Erik / Corser Peter / Hochapfel Karsten: Le Cri Du Caire
  4. Tangk
    Idles: Tangk
  5. Lykoi Ston Arh
    Years Of Youth X Pan Pan: Lykoi Ston Arh
    (LP 180gr)
  6. Wall Of Eyes
    Smile: Wall Of Eyes
  7. Wired!
    Radio Sect: Wired!
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  8. Testament
    Fire!: Testament
  9. Midnight Sun
    Pink Maggit: Midnight Sun
  10. Where The Wolf's Bane Blooms
  11. Moon's Milk ( In Four Phases )
  12. Focus On Nature
    Bevis Frond: Focus On Nature
    (LP x2)
  13. Dostrotime
    Squarepusher: Dostrotime
    (LP x2)
  14. Slower
    Slower: Slower
  15. Spirits
    Circling Sun: Spirits
  16. Cloudward
    Halvorson Mary: Cloudward
  17. Futurepast Temporalities
    Odd Dodo: Futurepast Temporalities
    (LP 180GR +MP3 COUPON)
  18. Celestial Suite
    Atlantis Jazz Ensemble: Celestial Suite
  19. Codes
    Huwe Anja: Codes
  20. The Collective
    Gordon Kim: The Collective
  21. The Great Bailout
    Moor Mother: The Great Bailout
  22. Where's My Utopia?
    Yard Act: Where's My Utopia?
  23. Tenderness
    Mavro Gala: Tenderness
    (LP 200gr)
  24. Asyrmatos Kosmos
    Stereo Nova: Asyrmatos Kosmos
  25. Pendulum
    Twin Tribes: Pendulum
  26. Tissue
    Venus Volcanism: Tissue
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  27. Athens Blues
    Hume Assine: Athens Blues
  28. Rooting For Love
    Sadier Laetitia: Rooting For Love
  29. Presence
    Spectres: Presence
  30. They Live
    Pleasurewood: They Live


  1. Me Lene Mixalh
    H Kyvernhsh: Me Lene Mixalh
  2. Dreamfear
    Burial: Dreamfear
  3. Sometimes Only Ritual Will Heal You
    My Last Spring: Sometimes Only Ritual Will Heal You
    (CD Digi / Cardboard)
  4. Thoughtful Popper / Chamber Pop
  5. Gold Ep
    Psychedelic Trips To Death: Gold Ep
  6. Sundown
    Overlords: Sundown
  7. Presents Eternitarian
  8. Split Machine Vol. 2
    Noamm / Brice Kelly: Split Machine Vol. 2
  9. Roses Of Neurosis
    Hoyem Sivert: Roses Of Neurosis
  10. Done With You
    Sences: Done With You

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