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Top Sales - June 2021


  1. Reprise
    Moby: Reprise
    (CD Digi / Cardboard)
  2. Cavalcade
    Black Midi: Cavalcade
    (LP 180gr)
  3. G_d's Pee At State's End
    Godspeed You Black Emperor: G_d's Pee At State's End
    (LP + 10\")
  4. Endless Life
    Ta Toy Boy: Endless Life
  5. Ena Paixnidi
    Asteriadh Poph / K. Bhta: Ena Paixnidi
  6. Delta Kream
    Black Keys: Delta Kream
    (LP x2)
  7. Feed Me Weird Things
    Squarepusher: Feed Me Weird Things
    (LP x 2 + 10\")
  8. As Days Get Dark
    Arab Strap: As Days Get Dark
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  9. Love's Secret Domain - 30th Anniversary Edition
  10. Streams
    Jan Van De Engel: Streams
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  11. Black To The Future
    Sons Of Kemet: Black To The Future
    (LP x2)
  12. Bright Green Field
    Squid: Bright Green Field
    (LP x2 +MP3 COUPON)
  13. Pure Phase
    Spiritualized: Pure Phase
    (LP x2 +MP3 COUPON)
  14. Take It To The Vertical
  15. Repetitions ( Letters To Krzysztof Komeda )
  16. Great Dead Cities
  17. Nafs At Peace
    Jaubi: Nafs At Peace
  18. Where The Spirit Rests
    Eckman Chris: Where The Spirit Rests
    (LP 180gr)
  19. Londinium
    Archive: Londinium
    (LP x2 180gr AUDIOPHILE)
  20. White Chalk
    Harvey Pj: White Chalk
    (LP 180GR +MP3 COUPON)
  21. O Gyros Ths Meras Se 80 Kosmous.
    Diafana Krina: O Gyros Ths Meras Se 80 Kosmous.
    (LP x2)
  22. Clara
    Loscil: Clara
    (LP x2)
  23. Hooligan
    Don Kapot: Hooligan
  24. Nocturne
    El Jazzy Chavo: Nocturne
    (LP + MP3 COUPON)
  25. Devil's Workshop
    Dj Format: Devil's Workshop
  26. Underworld Shakedown.
    Last Drive: Underworld Shakedown.
  27. Gost: A Spiritual Exploration Into Greek Soundtracks (1975-1989)
  28. Entomology
    Moffs: Entomology
  29. Course In Fable
    Walker Ryley: Course In Fable
  30. Xeimerinoi Kolymvhtes
    Xeimerinoi Kolymvhtes: Xeimerinoi Kolymvhtes
    (LP 180gr)


  1. The Only One - Rsd Release
    Logaridis Stavros: The Only One - Rsd Release
  2. Chemz / Dolphinz
    Burial: Chemz / Dolphinz
  3. Her Revolution / His Rope
    Burial / Four Tet / Yorke Thom: Her Revolution / His Rope
  4. Ghost Town
    Specials: Ghost Town
  5. Satanic Nafs
    Jaubi: Satanic Nafs
  6. Liquid Crystal
    Zombi: Liquid Crystal
  7. The World As I Am
    Alien Mustangs: The World As I Am
  8. Portico Quartet / Hania Rani
    Portico Quartet / Rani Hania: Portico Quartet / Hania Rani
  9. She's Always Hiding
    Servants: She's Always Hiding
  10. Moody Garage Series 02
    Tenderfeet: Moody Garage Series 02