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5 Days On A Floating Board


5 Days On A Floating Board

Label: Submersion Records

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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A musician active in the underground scene of our hometown Thessaloniki, illy produces her own music and also participates in music groups, playing various instruments, acoustic and electronic. She is part of the duet totsouko & illy as well as Titicut Follies and has released an album with each of these projects as well as participated in other releases.

"5 Days on a Floating Board" is inspired by the artist's journey on bodies of water and the feelings that accompany them. Utilising the sounds of synths and electronics, illy creates warm, inviting music pieces in the electronic ambient genre. Modular patterns and rhythms emerge from a tapestry of rich textures to meet with melodies creating soundscapes where both electronic and ambient influences find common ground to interact and play with each other.

The result is a narrative driven album where the artist allows the listener to explore what it means for them to travel on water, to face difficulties and finally arrive at whatever place each of us might call home.