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As Never Before


Label: Submersion Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


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As Never Before is a duet from Thessaloniki, Greece with the one half being Kyriakos Plsds (acoustic guitar and vocals) and the other being Selfish Limbs (sensory percussion).
They experiment combining different musical forms like acoustic music and electronic sounds and in the summer of 2023 they recorded their debut full length album “Steps”.

Kyriakos Plsds has been a member of bands since the 90’s most of them in the post punk/folk scene, bands like Πειραματική Ορχήστρα Ασυμφωνίας, Coal Heart, Minor Mine and Next & Patient.

Selfish Limbs curates mostly ambient arrangements, complimenting minimal electronic styles. He focuses on creating sound patterns and textures solely from his drumming while experimenting with new techniques that blend together acoustic and electronic sounds. He is active since 2019 and has 5 solo albums under his belt.

Kyriakos Plsds - acoustic guitar and vocals
Selfish Limbs - sensory percussion

Mixed & mastered by Christos Megas
Artwork by Choux