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The Most Exciting Organ Ever

Preston Billy

The Most Exciting Organ Ever

Label: Trading Places

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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Billy Preston's mastery of the organ was such that he was commissioned for collaboration by The Beatles, The Stones and countless others, his classic Hammond work a defining element of 'Get Back.' Released in 1964 when Preston was still 19, 'The Most Exciting Organ Ever' mixes swinging originals such as 'Low Down,' 'Soul Meetin,' 'The Octopus' and 'Billy's Bag' with expressively soulful covers of standards such as 'If I Had A Hammer' and 'Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying,' ably showcasing Preston's awesome dexterity and unmatched ability on his chosen instrument. With every track a winner, the title rings true!