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Like A Dream Back Then

Me And My Kites

Like A Dream Back Then

Label: Sound Effect

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Last summer, David Svedmyr invited his friends on an exciting adventure, and together they recorded this blooming, dreamy and warmhearted album. In a little cottage in Brottby, north of Stockholm, the friends from Lisa O Piu, Life on Earth!, AnnaMy, Promise and the Monster, Our Solar System, A, Cirrus Winery, Siri Karlsson, Jennie Stabis, Laike and Lost in Rick’s Wardrobe met up. About twenty people offered their sounds and wined and dined, swam, philosophized and fantasized together. This music got many of its colours from the 60’s psychedelic confusion and sways between fairy tale and reality, inside and outside, day and night. A colourful here and now versus a thoughtful: “But why?” David grew up with the Beatles in his walkman, and with a record collection that ends just before 1972, it is no wonder if you get a sense of a time that has been. The Pink Floyd, Kevin Ayers, Genesis and The Pretty Things has helped to trigger ideas, but you will also find a strong sentiment that life is now. The album opens with “Back When I Came,” where David’s mother participates from 12 days of age until she is a happy 1.5 year old, caught on acetate by David’s grandfather in 1954. A whimsy homage to our sudden being; the strange journey that brought us here. “Was it Like a Dream?” is about continuing to feel that things are exciting and important even though you’re grown up and have realised that you can’t really come up with something new. Then comes a party that never ended (“My Dream, My Adventure”), an existential breakdown on a cliff on Corsica (“The Fortress of the Foreign Legion”), songs about the pros and cons of an open relationship, a tribute to Lisa o Pius tired old VW bus Caravello Parallelo, which took the band on adventures to distant places. And much more. The album closes with “Birds in My Head”, a tribute to David’s parents. A journey back to being three years old and having psychedelic fever dreams, of becoming a dreamy seven year old who walks in the woods making up what everything is, of his brief belief in the confirmation, then not believing in anything. About being in love and horny, tired and broken, the endless toiling, about turning things inside out, panicking and then trying to find home. And hopefully finding it. This is a homemade album, made in a summer haze, right here and now. Now this minor classic of Swedish psychedelia is released for the first time on CD, in a limited edition, custom-made, 3-panel discfolio via Sound Effect Records of Athens.