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Is It Real Or Is It Made?

Me And My Kites

Is It Real Or Is It Made?

Label: Porcelain

Genre: Rock / Pop


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The Kites second LP, a whimsical and colourful album winds from Summer festival adventures and bathes in the night with golden plankton. From confused love stories to thoughts about the lives that we lead. Much is about longing. In times that are harsh and in many ways seem hopeless, one of the best things one can do is blow soap bubbles. A longing to get together in a close and secure world led us to blow these ten music bubbles. Here we let them fly over you. Is it real or is it made? You will see the colours with your own eyes. Maybe they'll burst; maybe there's something beautiful in that very bursting. We were a large, loosely gathered commune when we made our last record, 'Like a Dream Back Then.' Any loose ends were tied together along the way. This time, instead, we are a group of six people; these voices, these instruments having been given more space to influence the direction and possibilities of the music. As a band, since then, we've played many gigs. We have become more like a family. We hope you feel some of this closer interplay when you listen to these songs. These songs were recorded in the Silence Studio, in the deep woods of Värmland. The rural tranquility of this location ingrained within The Kites. As did the barren fisherman's lighthouse, Kråkeslottet (The Crow's Castle) which has served as an art commune since the '60's. The main parts of the album were mixed under the crackling Northern Lights by the roaring arctic sea in the far north of Norway on the remote island, Senja. (You'll hear this on the track Curse.) The memories of places we visited… the people that we have met have coloured these bubbles. Our hope is that these will light up your fantasy… that they will sparkle in your day to day, whether they are real or they are made!