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Rum And Coke

Shit & Shine

Rum And Coke

Label: Riot Season

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Shit And Shine return to Riot Season where it all began with their debut 'You're Lucky To Have Friends Like Us' (2004) for their 20th anniversary.

Rum And Coke, is only available as a limited edition white vinyl LP (300 copies worldwide) with download code and hype sticker. The album also features vocals from Callum Howe (The Shits) and it’s Shit And Shine at their filthy/noisy best.

Guitar/Vocals - Craig Clouse
Vocals - Callum Howe (The Shits)
Drums - He Who Will Remain a Mystery
Mastered by James Plotkin

‘Rum And Coke’ comes stumbling out the speakers with the week old stench of an alcoholic exiting his late night hideaway into the sunshine of a new day

Rum And Coke is the sound playing inside his fermented brain as he heads of in search of his next tipple

It’s grimey, it’s noisy. It’s a bit of a bastard.

Heavy, impenetrable layers of gnarled guitars, slurred vocals, pounding drums all wrapped in a blanket of thick sludge