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Gnod / Whok

Gnod ( R & D ) / Whirling Hall Of Knives

Gnod / Whok

Label: Riot Season

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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With a bond of sorts formed in 2012 birthing the release of GNOD's '5th Sun' 7" on WHOK's own Trensmat label (not to mention the various subsequent affiliated Dwellings and/or Druss offshoot 12"s on same) it makes some sort of sense that the two outfits should appear together on the same piece of plastic. GNOD should need no introduction but if one was required their double hit on the A side of this split release would be simultaneously a misleading primer and also bang on target. Operating in main men Paddy & Chris's GNOD R&D guise their usual organic thrashing rhythm section is absent, replaced by frenetic and thrillingly crisp drum machine and synth doom. On the B side are Ireland's long-ruining rhythmic noise pushers Whirling Hall Of Knives (aka WHOK) with a cautionary tale told in two chapters.