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Ars Nova

Ars Nova

Ars Nova

Label: Sundazed

Genre: 60s / 70s Rock / Pop / Progressive / Kraut


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Classical infused psych from NY groovers Ars Nova! Through their creative use of medieval modes, hook-driven pop, & trombone, Ars Nova delivers psychedelia within a classical & prog rock lens, a style that’s their own, yet recalls bands like Left Banke, Honeybus, and Aphrodite’s Child - all who were experimenting with the short-lived baroque pop craze. Pressed on green vinyl! Ars Nova was something totally different for the musical ears of 1968, and still sounds fresh and exciting today, when you think of the great albums of ‘68, like Abbey Road, White Light/White Heat, The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter, The Move, Electric Ladyland, This Was or Wonderwall Music shows how influential the year was and yet, Ars Nova with its wide sphere of influences has nothing in common with the trends of the year. The only albums that it can be vaguely compared to is either the Velvet Underground or United States of America, both bands that, like Ars Nova, bucked against existing trends and the end of psychedelia, instead preferring to go their own unique way. This is American progressive music, and takes the art of music making into a different genre, an alternative alleyway. The intelligence and musical nous that spans [this album] is really worth diving into and enjoying. It’s always great to get to hear albums like this, as it provides a counterpoint to the contemporary of the time and gives a real insight into the underground and alternative scene of that era. The beauty of being underground and away from the mainstream is that something that is not of its time ends up being timeless.

Green vinyl.