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A Sparkle In The Twilight


A Sparkle In The Twilight

Label: Stoned Karma

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Vibravoid are the Düsseldorf sound magicians who always manage to enchant the listener. Vibravoid are the beginning of today's trends and it is precisely this sovereignty that characterizes the creation of a unique band. With their new songs like Summer Of Love, A Faded Memory or Candy Girl, Vibravoid resurrect their heroes from a bygone era and radiate the spirit of the flower children, the Electric Prunes, the Seeds or Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd with every note. Anyone who loves this music of the 1960s as much as Vibravoid will get a ticket to bliss with the new album. A Sparkle In The Twilight is bursting with its own creativity, colorful pop music and catchy compositions. After 30 years, Vibravoid still have that unique sound that resembles a strong LSD trip. There are no signs of wear and tear with Vibravoid - quite the opposite! When The People Arise, Cut To The Bone and Place And Time show the other side of vibravoid, the thoughtful and reflective depth of real acid punk that hasn't existed in this way for over 50 years. A Sparkle In The Twilight is a journey through time into the future and into a better world. Proving that psychedelic rock is far from dead in the mainstream, Vibravoid manage to take this exciting feeling of the true underground to a new level in their own orbit. Vibravoid are the dependable constant in a world gone haywire. Are you ready for this trip?

Holographic 3D Sleeve Random Color Vinyl Limited edition 500 copies, with OBI.