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The Presidents Of The Poison Air


The Presidents Of The Poison Air

Label: Stoned Karma

Genre: Rock / Pop


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In the midst of crises, world war scenarios and madness, Vibravoid float on their own cloud and tell of a better world. At the end of the 1980s, Vibravoid were the first German underground band to lay the foundation for the revival of vinyl, psychedelic and kraut rock and wrote music history - be it the world's first op art vinyl record, celebrated appearances at the biggest festivals, endless tours, the last recordings of cult legend Sky Saxon (The Seeds) or a discography that could fill a record store. After more than 30 years, it is precisely these stories that continue to fascinate the listener and reveal a unique creativity. Why follow trends when you can set them? Vibravoid have always been closer to the pulse of the times than their competitors and with "The Presidents Of The Poison Air" the Düsseldorf band is now presenting their fifth album of the year. The group released the title track of the same name on February 27, making it the first band in the world to react immediately to the events of the war. Exactly this sensitivity characterizes "The Presidents Of The Poison Air" and creates contemporary pop music with unique depth and anthemic melodies. It's songs like "The Terrible Techniques Of Herr Doktor Krieg", "When Tomorrow Becomes Today" and "Mother Heroin" that liberate current music from its triviality and prove that rock'n'roll is far from dead. With "Out Of Phase" the band also succeeds in doing the best that has found its way out of the underground in the last few decades in terms of psychedelic pop music. "Big City Small Town" and "A Scream In The Silence" push the boundaries of perception and round off the album to a masterpiece. According to Vibravoid, we don't need to fear the future, we just need to turn up the music!