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Liminal Spaces

Sugar Factory

Liminal Spaces

Label: Submersion Records

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Sugar Factory have been musically active since 2009, having released various albums and EPs and having played several live shows, they are pioneers of the instrumental post rock - avant garde scene in Greece.

Influenced by Mogwai, 80’s dark and new wave, free jazz as well as the analogue aesthetic of modular synthesizers, “Liminal Spaces” presents to the audience a slightly different, almost cinematic musical identity compared to the band’s older work.

Sugar Factory have taken their influences and songwriting style and have fused them using a bold minimalist approach. Minimalist because the arrangements are in essence stripped down to simple musical elements and bold because these elements give the impression of having been carefully placed and produced to make a statement, and convey specific emotions to the listener. Every decision feels spontaneous and well thought at the same time.

“Liminal Spaces” invites the listener to put on headphones, close their eyes and enjoy the musical journey Sugar Factory have designed for them.