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Blood Sun


Blood Sun

Label: Cardinal Fuzz

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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After Mienakunaru's debut brain crusher 'Lost Bones Of The Holy Butterfly' that came via esteemed label Drone Rock Records (and reissued in the USA via Echodelick), Cardinal Fuzz and Feeding Tube Records bring you 'Blood Sun', a ferocious throb of of 3 people losing themselves in the beauty of fuzz, sizzle and noise. Mienakunaru are a throbbing face melting power trio made up of Mike Vest, Junzo Suzuki and Dave Sneddon and if we were to write up the list of bands these artists have been involved with there would be no room to write more. The list reads like a who's who of cult underground hardcore and psychedelic bands. For those that may not have been listening to anything associated with these leviathans of heady, psychedelic noise, what we have here is fuzz drenched, waster infused and pounding like jack hammer freak-outs. Over four tracks of which the title track takes up the whole of one side you are treated to forty minutes of heavy cosmic amplifier worship, where the hypnotic nature of the music created within, unfolds and time and space begins to distort. Prepare to have your body shaken as Mienakunaru lay waste. 500 copies on white vinyl.