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Burning The (kandl)


Burning The (kandl)

Label: Cardinal Fuzz

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


  • LP x2 €35.99
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Kandodo was invited to play at the 2015 Roadburn Festival as part of The Heads residency. Robert Hampson from Loop/Main was also going to be at the festival and so it seemed a good opportunity for him to join Kandodo for this gig along with Wayne and Hugo from The Heads (who are also the Loop rhythm section as well as part of Kandodo). Rehearsals were set up in Bristol and the gig in Roadburn was a couple of nights later and that is the recordings gathered here for 'Burning The (Kandl)' with running order changed to help fit over these 2 hefty slabs of vinyl. So get ready for a total immersive trip through a psychedelic vortex. A glorious head nodding voyage into inner space where the vast churning of fuzzy guitars/keys/bass and drums phase in and out of focus with your inner core. Released in an edition of 500 and pressed on heavy black vinyl, 'Burning The (Kandl)' is presented in a special lenticular effect outer sleeve. For fans of The Heads, Loop, Popul Vuh, Pårson Sound, Amon Düül, Neu!, Spacemen 3, Harmonia, Moon Duo, Carlton Melton, Fripp and Eno.
Die-cut cover.