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Before His Fall / Spaceship

Mononome / Piranha

Before His Fall / Spaceship

Label: Melting Records

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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Melting Records is excited to announce Melting Records Singles, a new series featuring exquisite beat-makers and producers stretching out on 7 inches of wax. On the first vinyl side, the label welcomes Mononome, one of the most recognized artists on the Greek downtempo scene. “Before His Fall” is abstract instrumental hip hop at its best — a blend of minimal electronics and organic elements, perfectly setting the mood. It serves as a prologue of works to come from this innovative artist. Flip the record for PIRANHA with Stereo Utopia, a new project born from the music blend between Melting Records and Pierre Morel also known with his other alias "Spectateur". Here he collaborates with vocalist/guitarist Anaïs Tresca. “Spaceship” is raw and fragile, combining a jazzy vocal style, deep trip-hop drum patterns, and seductively dreamy instrumentation. The two cuts complement each other beautifully — together Mononome and PIRANHA tell a sonic story that reveals more and more over repeated plays. No doubt, these seven inches will move you.