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Mar De Vida

Ghione Leonidas

Mar De Vida

Label: Shango Records

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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Contact with nature is the source of the creation for this album, all the inspiration is there, everything we know as sound has been there since the beginning of time, it was first born there on earth and then expanded thanks to the intellect. Mar de Vida is an album where you can felt the connection with the earth sharing its sounds in every movement. This piece of work can give wonderful imaginary moments of travel and creation to the listener. The sound of the rivers and the mountains, the sound of the wind, the trees and all the birds that inhabit them, the love of friends, the giant wave arriving from the sea full of deep emotions and feeling can be transformed into reality by listening to this piece of gentle art. Mar de Vida is the connection and union with everyone, the union and love of the land for all. Leónidas Ghione holds time in one hand and nature in the other. This is his first offering for Shango Records. These ten tracks have built the end into the beginning.

Limited edition of 100 copies with colour labels and sticker info.