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Letting Go Of The Old World

This Darkness Of Mine / The Dandelion Fields

Letting Go Of The Old World

Label: Submersion Records

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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This Darkness Of Mine is the personal art project of Vagelis Moschos - audio engineer, producer, sound designer, poet and musician. He has been part of artistic teams, bands, post production studios and theatrical plays both on the technical and creative side.

The whole first side is one epic spiralling song from This Darkness Of Mine, blending elements of ambient and noise music. The soundscapes take the listener on a fascinating journey starting from an Odyssey 2001 type of voyage, floating in space, to a stressful landing on an alien planet and finally to a blissful exploration of some peaceful seaside where you can let go and become yourself.

The Dandelion Fields is the solo project of Vasilis Gkogkidis - musician and graphic designer - where he writes the basic melodies of all songs and then invites musicians from the Greek underground scene to add their personality to the songs following a co-creational approach to making music.

The second side features 5 songs from The Dandelion Fields, each song with slightly different influences and inspirations, ranging from ambient to post rock and atmospheric music. Excellent musicians from all over the Greek underground music scene offer their performances to this collection of songs. Music and lyrics work together to bring forth one underlying question: can humanity move towards a more sustainable and equitable society?