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Spider - Jazz

Various Artists

Spider - Jazz

Label: Trunk

Genre: Soundtrack


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Way back in 1967, an animated superhero cartoon was released into the world. It was created by Grantray-Lawrence Animation and was based on a web-spinning, crime fighting blue and red dressed character that had originated in1962, in Marvel Comics by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. This amazing series (that we’re not allowed to mention the name of for legal reasons) ran on ABC TV in the USA, then Canada, then a few years later started to spread its web further, running here in the UK throughout summer holidays, after school and possibly early mornings at weekends in the late 1970s. The series then got released on VHS video (and probably Betamax too) in the mid 1980s and still continues to spin its animated magic around the world through further broadcasts, YouTube and DVDs.

The series was notoriously low budget, with animated errors everywhere and numerous scenes, sequences and backgrounds being re-used all the time, often across the same episode. Even a certain spider logo on a costume would appear with six legs, then eight legs later on, then back to six again in the same show.

1. The Hell Raisers - Syd Dale 2. The Eyelash - Johnny Hawksworth 3. Walk In A Nightmare - Syd Dale 4. Beat Street - Johnny Hawksworth 5. Walk And Talk - Syd Dale 6. Big Bass Guitar - Bill Martin / Phil Coulter 7. Mr. Chestertons Dog - Bill Martin / Phil Coulter 8. Mods & Rockers - Bill Martin / Phil Coulter 9. L.S.D. - Bill Martin / Phil Coulter

1. Stand By - David Lindup 2. Take A Goosie Gander – Syd Dale 3. Juggernaut - David Lindup 4. Grand Prix - Johnny Pearson 5. Veiled Threat – David Lindup 6. Sixth Sense - David Lindup 7. Funky Flight - Keith Mansfield 8. Raver - Alan Hawkshaw 9. The Washington Affair - Syd Dale