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Terminal Choice


Label: Out Of Line

Genre: Electro-Industrial


  • CD x2 Digi / Cardboard €17.49
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„We’re back! And we’re better than before!“ If an artist goes about boasting such a statement on his latest album, it must mean that they are mighty sure of themselves. Anno 2010 A.D., Chris Pohl’s Dark-Electro-Club-Industrial-Metal-hybrid Terminal Choice is returning to the very essence of its sound: thundering Techno- and break beats mingling with hit-laden melodies, massive riff walls, cynical lyrics and loads of black tongue-in-cheek humour. Stadium-compatible Trance riffs are served hot on hard guitar attacks and the electronic elements play the kind of dominant role that made early TC-albums instant floor fillers. „Übermacht“is 100% classic Terminal Choice reloaded… sporting a much larger, more massive and intense sound than ever before! Jumpstyle on Neue Deutsche Härte? Dark Techno at the headbanger’s ball? Call it what you like, but on their new album Terminal Choice do grind anything into the ground that chooses to stand in their way. They ARE back! And they ARE better than before! …and the Joker dances to a thudding Electro beat with a wide grin.