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Eat Your Heart Out


Eat Your Heart Out

Label: Out Of Line

Genre: Electro-Industrial


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When Marc Verhaeghens and Dirk Ivens formed under the THE KLINIK moniker more than 29 years ago, they created an all-new sub-genre of electronic music with their enthralling mix of cold, harsh, sequencer-dominated sounds, watered-down arrangements, minimalist lyrics and a distinctive, hissing, vocal style. Floor-fillers, like "Memories", "Moving Hands" and "Black Leather" are still standard repertory in most underground clubs around the world and the group's bare-bones-no-nonsense industrial sound is an important inspiration to aspiring groups to this day. Now, Out Of Line Music are releasing "Eat Your Heart Out", the long-awaited new long player from this seminal band.

In a way, this release closes a circle, as THE KLINIK were the main inspiration for founding the label in the first place and the song "Out of Line" from the legendary "Face to Face" album served as a name-giver. On "Eat Your Heart Out", the band have assembled nine new tracks in the trademark THE KLINIK sound, which trickles out of the speakers in a cold, menacing, sparse and often rather fearsome way. The harsh sequencers and tribal rhythms become a borderline emotional experience and Dirk Ivens feeds the trauma-set-to-music with a fitting vocal delivery. "Eat Your Heart Out" is 100% THE KLINIK and sounds as if the band has never been off the map. The minimalist sonic prowess of this group is still as up to date, innovative and modern as on day one, and the album is like a fever nightmare that serves as a thoroughly impressive new sign of life from one of the greatest innovators in underground electronica.