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Le Casalingue - The Satanic Rites Of Cobram


Le Casalingue - The Satanic Rites Of Cobram

Label: Subsound

Genre: Rock / Pop


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The Kotiomkin band was born from a great passion for 60s-70s-80s Italian genre cinema, a series of movies characterized by aesthetically innovative approach, in complete opposition to the mainstream and to more or less politicized intellectual cinema of the time. The duo devote himself to the creation of instrumental soundtracks for non-existent movies, with invented plots featured in the liner notes, having as a reference the classic soundtracks of the time but revisiting them with the violence of the most modern stoner, pushing the boundaries of doom. It is the rediscovery of a never really finished cinematic world that is also celebrated in terms of its extraordinary soundtracks by musicians such as the masters Ennio Morricone, Nico Fidenco, Fabio Frizzi, Franco Micalizzi, Berto Pisano, Lallo Gori, up to bands such as Goblin, Osanna, Libra, Marc 4 and many others. Kotiomkin not only look at horror movies but also at those more niche genres, ranging from erotic, to “giallo”, to “poliziottesco” and more extreme subgenres such as cannibal movies, “mondo” movies or sexploitation, all with a violence of sounds unknown to Italian B-movies.