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Venus Volcanism


Label: Submersion Records

Genre: Dark / Post Punk / Gothic / Neo-Folk


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Venus Volcanism is a vocalist, musician, and sound explorer from the island of Crete, who has been based in Iceland's northernmost town, Siglufjörður, for over 2 years.

Written and recorded just 40 km south of the Arctic Circle, her second solo album "TISSUE" is a sound journey where nature’s sequences and structures are explored through field recordings, captured in her newly discovered Icelandic surroundings.

The term tissue derives from the Latin word texere, which means to weave. Throughout the album Venus intertwines repeating patterns of sound, consisting of ethereal vocals, synthesisers and slow arpeggios, with natural soundscapes;
the crescendo of an active volcano in Fagradalsfjall, bubbling mud pools in the geothermal area of Seltún, the ebb and flow of Dýrafjörður's ocean and haunting echoes of frozen lakes and migrating birds.

The album's opening track is an Icelandic folk song in the style of "tvísöngur"; an ode to the island nation’s traditional five-tone harmony. The artist also pays tribute to her Cretan roots with "Katara’s Lament", a track which honours the oldest type of Cretan singing, rizitiko.

"TISSUE" is a sonic heterotopy, suspended between the tangible and surreal, where nature’s vibrations and cyclical patterns are woven into the artist’s introspective journey of coming to terms with her own scar tissue.

Limited edition of 50 copies.