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Songs Of Stone

Pupillo Massimo / Mcdowell Malcom / Tinti Gabriele

Songs Of Stone

Label: Subsound

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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“Songs of stone” is a musical project based on several epigrams, elegies and laments that Gabriele Tinti composed inspired by epigraphs from the ancient world. It arises from the wish to sustain the necessary link that joins us to the rituals of the past. The inscriptio on durable material was one of the languages the ancients used to oppose the transience of oral expression, wishing to conserve their words in time. Tinti gathers these ideas to create verses he entrusts to the actor’s interpretation, thus combining the impression of the spoken word and the visual participation of the words in stone. The readings are made by Malcolm McDowell, star of numerous cult films including A Clockwork Orange, If... and Caligula. Tinti’s words and the actor’s vocal performance are put together by Massimo Pupillo in a work intended to transgress the confines between reality and ancient mythology. Massimo has created an imaginary landscape, creating a visionary theatre for Gabriele Tinti 's words, a sound world born and based on the precise and eloquent vocal timbre of Malcolm McDowell Using a plethora of different sources, various synthesis, samples of eastern european choirs, processing Mc Dowell voice, Songs of Stone will bring the listener in a twilight zone between dreams and mythology, where remote past and future horizons meet.
Limited edtion of 300 copies.