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Working Class Love Poem

Lomax Oliver James

Working Class Love Poem

Label: Shadrack & Duxbury Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


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In time travelling poems of love, loss and grief, Oliver James Lomax distils moments of his childhood into beautiful, almost cinematic vignettes. Coming of age through the looking glass, he explores the relationship he has with the memory of his grandparents; his precise eye capturing moments in time, anchored in a northern landscape, where most humble of experiences seem to take on a universal consciousness. This record sees the emergence of a hyper-vivid voice traveling through ruins and towns, locking antlers with folklore, telling the most broken of fables and the strangest tales with deft insight. He confronts his ancestors with an open heart and paints love and grief on these soundscapes with humour, beauty and raw urgency.
These poems are set to beautifully crafted musical arrangements and soundscapes created by composer Mark Kyriacou which encapsulate the atmosphere and make listening, a transformative experience. Mark worked with the help of many fine musicians and vocalists. All 18 pieces were recorded in rooms in New York City, Andalucía but mainly Mark’s Flat.
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