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The Clocks That Time Forgot


The Clocks That Time Forgot

Label: Stoned Karma

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Thanks to the current vinyl production situation, the neo-kraut rock legends Vibravoid are releasing their third new and equally sensational studio album this year with "The Clocks That Time Forgot". Maybe not so bad after all, the hit album Zeitgeist Generator came 10 months too late in March, "The Clocks That Time Forgot" is now released almost 10 months earlier - crazy times! ...and that's exactly what the new masterpiece by the sound artists from Düsseldorf is all about: Vibravoid are, as always, closer to the pulse of the times than ever possible and so "The Clocks That Time Forgot" is a reflection of our time. The title track "The Clocks That Time Forgot" already shows not only catchy qualities but also that Vibravoid are still the Düsseldorf masters of psychedelic pop. "Do You Remember That Day?" evokes the carefree time before Corona and the Ukraine conflict and heals the wounded soul. This is music with depth! "One-Armed Clock" takes up the present album concept about transience even more forcefully and still presents itself as a perfect pop song. "Dead Birds Don't Sing" shows Vibravoid from their experimental Düsseldorf side and creates a psychedelic sound vortex with otherworldly noise attacks that invites you to dive into a better world. "You Plaster My Mind" is a haunting wake-up call that's like an LSD high with fuzz and echo effects - just like it was back in the 1960s. The feverish "Broken Clockworks" concludes the album's theme with a bang in terms of content and music, so that "The Smell Of Pestilence" can really blow the airwaves free again. Between Kraut Rock and Laudanum, Vibravoid raise their own bar a little bit higher and compose the perfect farewell anthem that every astronaut should hear when leaving our earth. "The Clocks That Time Forgot" is an extraordinary album that enriches German Neo-Psychedelic and Kraut Rock with further facets and fits seamlessly into the overall work of one of the most interesting bands of the last 30 years.

Holographic 3D Sleeve. White vinyl. 500 copies.