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Zeitgeist Generator


Zeitgeist Generator

Label: Stoned Karma

Genre: Rock / Pop


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It may be due to the special spiritual connection of the sound artist Dr. Koch with the Godfather of Psychedelic and Garage Rock: Sky Saxon that Vibravoid are still on a special mission - because what the Flower Power inventor once thought up, Vibravoid spray the blooming colours into a gray world. Vibravoid is love and peace. Music for music lovers. A religion for fans of the cult band. Zeitgeist Generator is the new testament of a contemporary universal music, because Zeitgeist Generator is a deep look into our broken souls. A confession. Vibravoid celebrate their unique brand of music for over 75 minutes - and surprise and entertain with every single note! This music is a drug. This music is our reality - up close. Vibravoid is balm for our battered, musical souls. Zeitgeist Generator is Op Art Rock, the musical frenzy of the new millennium for everyone! The extraordinary history of its origins under the influence of the Corona year 2020 and the long delay caused by the overflowing of pressing plans make Zeitgeist Generator a highly interesting contemporary document. Zeitgeist Generator sounds like it was recorded in a garage studio in 1967 and oozes creative authenticity. With this album everything is just right from the first to the last note. The astute lyrics, wrapped in hymn melodies, give the album a very special emotional depth.
Limited Edition Colored vinyl with songbook.