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Island Of Jewels

Legendary Pink Dots

Island Of Jewels

Label: Metropolis

Genre: 80s Wave / Rock / Pop / Punk


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Originally released in 1986 as the natural successor to 'The Tower', remastered in 2020 by Ray Steeg and Peter Van Vliet. This classic album is considered a more "serious" release, with themes of war and politics, 'Island of Jewels' ranks among the more accessible releases in the vast catalog of The Legendary Pink Dots. Focusing more on songwriting than on studio wizardry or sonic experiments, interesting industrial sounds and memorable melodies abound. Includes bonus tracks.

A1 Tower 6 A2 The Red and the Black A3 The Diary A4 Emblem Parade A5 Jewel on an Island A6 Rattlesnake Arena

B1 The Shock of Contact B2 Jewel in the Crown B3 Our Lady in Chambers B4 Our Lady in Kharki B5 Our Lady in Darkness B6 The Guardians of Eden

C1 Curious Guy C2 Premonition 16

D1 Love on a Pale Green Postage Stamp D2 Our Lady by Twilight D3 No Bell No Prize (Version Rediculous) D4 Premonition 12 D5 The Black and the Red D6 This could be the End (Alternative)

Limited edition of 500 copies on Black Vinyl