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Young Jeremy


Label: Thirsty Leaves Music

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Montreal-based electroacoustic composer Jeremy Young's new record is more like a suite of meaningful multi-disciplinary duets than an addition to his growing catalog of pure solo material. Yet it centrally documents an iterative, systems-based approach to making music that Young has been developing and refining through live performances and improvisations in his studio for close to 3 years. This sonic "system" is not modular but still tactile, performable and tourable, and includes: 3 individual oscillators (sine, square, triangle) tuned microtonally by hand in real time and filtered, amplified surfaces and objects that make up the pieces' rhythmic foundations, (found) tape loop fragments and EMF signal captured and routed across the tonal and textural signal paths.

Amaro includes contributions from Montreal artists (Deanna Radford, Markus Floats & Ida Toninato) and others based in New York & beyond (Vito Ricci, Dolphin Midwives, Pauline Kim Harris, Tomonari Nishikawa & Johannes Bergmark). The cover visuals come courtesy of frequent collaborators China Marsot-Wood and Thaïla Khampo. It's an experimental suite of sonic material, adventurous and not over-produced (a trap that Young feels guilty of falling into with his trio Sontag Shogun); neither ambient nor noise, synthesized yet performed in real time as if it was an instrumental record.