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Spirits Of Mauronoros / Kolida Hymn

Kolida Babo

Spirits Of Mauronoros / Kolida Hymn

Label: Jazz45 / Jazzman

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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And now for something completely different and, man, is it a treat! Blending acoustic (duduk, sax, double bass) and electronic (Moog and Roland synthesisers) elements, this Greek duo of Sokratis Votskos and Harris P cannily updates the modal folk drone that has bewitched musicians and listeners alike for centuries. 'Spirits of Mauronoros' is as mesmerising and it is lovely; a plangent soprano sax improvises over an enticing, bubbling, synthetic stew—imagine Eno extemporising alongside a Dimotiko folk band having just listened to 'In A Silent Way.' After the opening invocation, 'Kolida Hymn' offers a simple, repeated descending synth line (think early '70s German electronica) topped by a minor key sax melody. Spacey and hypnotic, it then takes flight into an uplifting atmospheric refrain before paring itself back down. Reverence of the Ineffable is the vibe on both sides of this modern spiritual meditation making it perfect for late night chill. Our JAZZ45 label features original artwork and original music on each and every release, and are limited to just 600 copies worldwide.