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Berserkir Volume Ii

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol

Berserkir Volume Ii

Label: Cardinal Fuzz

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Dateline unknown... emanations from a planet in meltdown. The universal cosmic event tracker estimates between 22 to 52 points of possible physical contact with The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol but it has lost count. This Canadian improve unit have over the last few years started to get the gushing love and attention they have always deserved. Like all the best artists, they do not fit snugly into any genre - as from one moment to the next their ability to create cosmically juiced up and fucked up music which in many cases when played and recorded was the first time and last time said tracks will ever be played! This has proven to be the case time after time across too many releases to mention (no wonder Damo Suzuki always calls on TBWNIS to back him up!). If we said 'Berserkir Volume II' could be the pinnacle - we would yet again be getting caught up in the moment of magic they spin on you. 'Berserkir II' contains 4 long tracks of hypnotic and freaked out cosmic haze (all recorded in the same 4 hour session that yielded 'Berserkir Volume I'). There are zero overdubs whatsoever and no studio gimmickry. The pieces are framed by supercharged, blistering, psychedelic dual guitars, pummelling rhythm, mutated; 'Miles' inspired flights of free form trumpet and flowing synth drones touching side excursions into the depths of alien prog. One may well be compelled to CRANK this up LOUD and leave speakers and mind, shattered and melded together in a smouldering heap on the floor! End of transmission...