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Call For Winter

Herskedal Daniel

Call For Winter

Label: Edition Records

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Call for Winter is Daniel Herskedal’s seventh album as leader and 5th on Edition. Taking as a starting point the opening track of his 2015 album Slow Eastbound Train, Mistral Noir, the new album is built on layers of tuba and bass trumpet, with each layer adding more emotion and conviction. Mistral Noir picked up adoring fans, instantly developing an audience for its unique and cinematic vision. Call for Winter is the album that takes that inspiration and expands it into a full-spectrum experience.

Daniel self-isolated for two weeks in the depths of Norway’s frozen highlands, writing and recording this masterful music – before he had to actually isolate in Corona outbreak.

“Instead of going to a recording studio I rented a cottage and made my own studio. The cottage is located in Elgå in Norway, where the road stops (literally) in the most southern Sami area between Trondheim and Oslo, close to the Swedish border. I did that to get out of my daily routines, away from noise and city life. I was seeking loneliness – but also open beautiful landscapes in a place where more animals than human beings live and time runs slower. This combination gives plenty of possibilities to find depth, soul and beauty in the music. I stayed there alone for more than two weeks – skiing, composing and recording every night and day. A couple of those days I also joined the local Samis and helped with their reindeer heading (my girlfriend is a reindeer herder in the area).”