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Time Lapse


Time Lapse

Label: N5md

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Time Lapse is the 7th proper album from Bradford UK based worriedaboutsatan and third since the project has returned into a solo effort by Gavin Miller. Time Lapse is also the project's first album for North American emotional electronics stable n5MD.

For well over a decade, worriedaboutsatan has effortlessly nurtured a muzzled amalgamation of ambient, techno, and post-rock. The project is a go-to for its adaptation of dark, slow-churning, humanistic techno. Labyrinthine guitars, swelling 303s, and deep pulsing 808s all are utilized in the satan arsenal to realize some of the murkiest forward-moving soundscapes of the last decade. Time Lapse is quintessential worriedaboutsatan, filled with sprawling slow-burn arrangements bathed in velvety reverb tails.

Coloured vinyl.