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Territorial Pissings

Various Artists

Territorial Pissings

Label: Dinara / To Pikap Records

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Thessaloniki's underground electronic music scene, although alive and active for years now, has not frequently enough found itself imprinted on vinyl. The collection "Territorial Pissings", an initiative and inspiration of Dinara (in co-production with To Pikap) is a contribution attempting to fill this gap. Four artists come together for the creation of this collection, each providing two compositions for the release, whereas Gazoza's inspired artwork ties everything together artistically. The artists, each maintaining their personal style, find common ground in electronica. Dub, downtempo, IDM, breakbeats, experimental and ambient are joined by the common thread of electronic. This collection aims to release an indicative segment of such musical expression from the Thessaloniki scene on vinyl to be enjoyed at home and disseminated widely!