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Inner Dynamics


Inner Dynamics

Label: United We Fly

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Theodore’s intoxicating LP Inner Dynamics is an emotional whirlwind of kaleidoscopic texture; “Disorientation” begins with mystifying whispers, and a pulsating bass until Theodore’s heavy-hearted voice brings in dream-induced dramatism. The gentle yet thought provoking “Alcyone” is soaked in glimmering pianos and a composed atmosphere. “Floating” is an ethereal merging between the ocean and the sky, Theodore’s powerful, reverb-drenched vocal delivery portrays his ability to lull and immerse simultaneously, before erupting into a driving post-rock sections. The album’s closer, “Fluttering,” is a sincere reflection on the album as a whole; concise percussion and drum rolls sit beneath emotive pianos and synthesizer bliss.

All music and lyrics by Theodore
Produced by Vagelis Moschos
Theodore – piano, synths, Rhodes, marimba, vocals
Ashley Hallinan – drums, marimba, pads, percussion
Nikolas Papachronopoulos – bass
Melentini – synths
Alessandro Giovanetto – guitars, Rhodes
Giorgos Krimperis – trombone
Spyros Vergis – trombone
Chris Giakkas– trombone
Yorgos Pirpassopoulos – narration
Qatar Philarmonic Orchestra
Vagelis Moschos – editing, sound design, soundscapes
Recorded by Vagelis Moschos
Mixed at Clouds Hill Studio, Hamburg by Vagelis Moschos
Mastered at Soundgarden Studio, Hamburg by Flo Siller