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Dark Reaction


Dark Reaction

Label: Soundflat Records

Genre: Rock / Pop


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'Dark Reaction' is the wild Spaniards THE SMOGGERS fifth album and their second LP on SOUNDFLAT RECORDS. While the band didn't lose a bit of their great energy and elaborate songwriting, this record, just like its title already gives away, sounds a little bit darker than its predecessor. The record already starts off with the instant hit 'Eres Asi', which is baed on THE MIRACLE WORKERS-song 'Waiting' - a fuzzy Garagepunk-dancer, that makes it impossible to sit still while listening. An outstanding tune is the kick-ass-song 'Tu Maldad', which comes forward with a wild Spanish temper. The B-side in contrast to the Spanish A-side has all English lyrics and starts off with the catchy 'Dark Reaction' and together with 'Who's Jenny' reminds one a little of THE FUZZTONES with its sinister organ and dark Garage-sound with a heavy fuzz-guitar. With 'You Can't Come Down' the band included a fantastic cover-version of THE CRIMSON SHADOWS' song while adding an extra-portion of SMOGGERS-touch. With 'Dark Reaction' THE SMOGGERS prove once again, that even after five albums they don't lose their energy and stay wild while they keep refining their sound.