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Zombie Horses

Skull & Dawn

Zombie Horses

Label: 3 Shades Of Black

Genre: Rock / Pop


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[Trick or Treat? / Early Defile des Ames era: 1999-2002] These four of the :Skull & dawn: used to answer by a different name and used to express with different means. Back in 1999, three in the beginning made music with hammers and electric screwdrivers, with industrial noise and massive percussion. [Main Defile des Ames era: 2002-2009] The industrial rage was overcome by the heritage of the Old Europe and folk/classical instruments were introduced to the band. Defile des Ames were born. While infrequent in official releases, their main being Lust & Stone which had a big impact in the Neofolk scene at the time and was released by the great Steinklang, Defile des Ames had also collaborated with major artists of the scene with an example being Sieben’s Ogham Inside The Night (track: Ogham The Spirit) with members from Faith & the Muse, The Walkabouts, Spiritual Front and more. [:Skull & Dawn: era: 2009 and on] The company of the four, ten years after their early formation, was moved by the life and aesthetics of the American South and by taking the road across the Atlantic, the :Skull & dawn: was formed. Keeping true and alive its substantial past inside, the early rage was found again in a new form, in an explosive and very unique country punk style, with both metal and neofolk elements. A style which from hence forth will be called, Death Country. Both as Defile des Ames & :Skull & dawn they have/had a steady and constant live presence opening and/or collaborating with both the greatest and less well known artists of the then & now post-industrial/neoclassical/neofolk scene. With a good sample being Sieben, Jarboe, Psychic TV, Anne Clark, Allerseelen, Ataraxia, Attrition, Changes, Svarog, Of the Wand & the Moon, Blood Axis, In Gowan Ring, Spiritual Front, Sol Invictus, Joolie Wood(Current 93), Maya Elliot (Current 93), Simon Finn, King Dude and more. With their debut album "Zombie Horses" already released through the ritual makers of 3 Shades of Black, :Skull & dawn: have returned after many years of live appearances with a vengeance and are ready to spread their dark gospel across the world.

Skull & dawn: are:
Manos Six: Acoustic Guitar/Vocals/Percussions
Stamos Abatis: Electric Bass/Backing Vocals
Chris Abatis: Electric Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals
Alex Tabakakis: Drums

Additional musicians who took part on the record:
Kostas Tzekos: Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Saxophone/Arrangements
Manos Ventouras: French Horn/Arrangements
Andreas-Rolandos Theodorou: Trombone/Euphonium
Fanis Vernikos: Trumpet