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First World Record


First World Record

Label: Upset The Rhythm

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Debut album from Oakland, California’s post punk band The World, double sax, bongos, guitars and drums.

The World are a five people from Oakland, California who write rambunctious dance music with a post punk tool kit and an insightful yet short attention span. Their songs typically clock in around two minutes long and are a wild head-rush of Amber Sermeno’s funk-minded bass lines and shuddering dubbed-out guitar courtesy of Andy Jordan. Amber also sings alongside Elyse Schrock, who anchors their propulsive songs with some supremely robust drumming. The steady beat is bolstered further by Alexa Pantalone’s expansive bongo rhythms and flurrying saxophone melodies. Stanley Martinez is the final member of the band, doubling the sax quota and contributing to the complex interplay of instruments that make The World’s music so immediate, compelling and groove conscious.

The World sound like the future erupting out of all your favourite DIY punk 7”s simultaneously. There’s the infectious momentum of Essential Logic driving things ever forward, the arty minimalism of Lilliput underscoring the band’s lyrical subject matter. Whilst the instinctual songwriting of Swell Maps pervades alongside the manic humour and inclusiveness of Splodge. The World use all these lightning rods as jumping on points to hurtle us all into a new dimension very much of their own making. This upsurge of energy and vision has now been skillfully captured on the band’s debut LP ‘First World Record, out this October 6th on Upset The Rhythm.

‘First World Record’ follows on from their well-received debut 7” EP ‘Managerial Material’ which was also recently released by Upset The Rhythm. ‘First World Record’ was recorded by Brett Eastman (a member of Andy Human And The Reptoids, along with Andy Jordan). Brett also helped mix the album with the band before being mastered by Mikey Young. ‘Hot Shopper’ is the exhilarating opener from the album. “You’ve got the whole world in your hands, check those coupons!” urge the band amid the insistent pulse, whirl and bop of the band’s inimitable sound. Sticking with matters of temperature, ‘Some Like It Hot’ follows with icy stammering guitar and a soaring spree of saxophone. “Old hygge creatures in the ice age, iguanas in a cot, what else do you expect when you boil that pot?” they question throughout this rock-solid dancefloor quake of a track.