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The Way Back Home


The Way Back Home

Label: More Mars

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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Figurant's E.p. "The way back home" is the third addition of our "nous" series marks moremars team's desire to document a dimension of the Greek underground scene that is generally neglected. The singer-songwriter idiom is mostly centered inspirationally around the figure of Manos Chatzidakis and is enriched with qualities that vary from the one singer-songwriter to the other. Figurant's music is one of the best examples of this small but vibrant scene, one of the most melodic projects that is still active which proves his love, passion and dedication to this archetypical musical form. Sweet guitar focused melodies accompanied by drum machines and ambient pedal effects. The characteristic voice of Christos is influenced by the scene around sarah records in the 90s and the abstraction of post rock 00s. A really beautiful release that revolves conceptually around figurant's love for trees!