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La Formula Secreta De La Coca-cola

Fiesta Animal

La Formula Secreta De La Coca-cola

Label: More Mars

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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More Mars is very proud to announce a new series entitled "anarthria". The complete inability to produce articulate speech. From the Greek word "anarthros", an-without + arthron-articulation + ia- indicating a condition or quality. Meaningles words that joint together scrabbled in meanglessness. An emotional brainstorming that creates a new lingual idiom that leads to communicational inabillity. The language of the "non-civilized", "buffon" and "outcasts". First release would be Fiesta Animal's Secrete formula of Coca-cola. A collective of artists [musicians, painters, interfering individuals...] from Uruguay, that join together their artistic suggestions and give us their own musical Idiom. Music that is deep influenced from 80s and 70s industrial and psychedelic music but also mixed with Latin American culture. The unorthodox way of the recording and the production, probably using tape recorders, give us a sence of an undiscovered legendary old tape. Lo-fi aesthetic meets freak out psychedelia and tropical rhythms. A big variety of instruments like metalophono, percussions, gitars, sumplers ... and the characteristic vocals of Ana Arioni give us as a resolt, a musical construction that sounds more like a fiesta that leads you to spiritual trance. This cd-r comes out with a three page booklet full of graphic designs by Julia Saldain using scaner, paints, fax, pics, collages and much much more! This release would be a limited edition of 250 copies