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Lights And Offerings


Lights And Offerings

Label: Skint

Genre: Electro / Electro-Rock


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What we have here, is (of course) not a new album by KRAFTWERK, but probably the most original, fresh and well-executed album from a band who take heavy inspiration (both musically and visually) from KRAFTWERK – albeit with a much more 'pop' attitude.  The band in question is MIRRORS, a young and extremely gifted electronic act from Brighton.  The album was released back in March, and the band toured as support act for OMD last year.

"Fear of Drowning", the opening track of the album, is almost a cover of the KRAFTWERK classic "Europe Endless" (1977) and the KRAFTWERK inspiration can also be found in tracks such as "Somewhere Strange" and the MONUMENTAL closing track "Secrets". The album "Lights and Offerings" also contains not less than four previously released very original MIRRORS singles: "Into the Heart" (2009), "Look at Me" (2009), "Ways to an End" (2010) and "Hide and Seek" (2010)