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Eventless Plot


Label: Granny

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Ikon is the latest work by Eventless Plot, following up their split album with Good Luck mr Gorsky (granny02, 2008).

In this album Eventless Plot approach an electro-acoustic sound using clarinet, piano, melodica and guitars

blended with sampled recordings and processed electronics . As a result, there is a complex ambience of

sounds which provides the structure of the songs. Warm feedbacks, microsounds and rhythmic pulses create a

jazz aesthetic which characterizes ikon’s sound. This is Eventless Plot’s first full length album to date.

Eventless Plot is a three-member band from Thessaloniki, Greece. Their music approaches experimentation by

using a variety of organs, analog sources, field recordings, as also electronics and processed sounds. They were

formed in Thessaloniki at 2004 and since then they’ve a strong presence at the local underground scene. Their

music found its ideal application in audiovisual installations, such as “pic nic” (May 2005), presented in “white

cube black box” exhibition and “Regina Rosas Amat” (September 2005), presented in “Action field Kodra 2005”.

Eventless Plot participated in numerous festivals such as “synch festival” (June, 2008). In November 2008 after a

request of Thessaloniki’s Film Festival along with label mates Good Luck mr Gorsky they composed and introduced

a soundtrack for Victor Sjostrom’s “Phantom Carriage”.

Discography :

Eventless Plot / Good Luck mr Gorsky – Split ep (granny, 2008)

Yuria – Various Artists (vm, 2006)

Non Linear Views – Various Artists (2006)

Eventless Plot / Mescalina Eden – Split 7” (gracetone, 2005)