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Label: Granny

Genre: Post Rock / Avant Rock


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‘Songs’ by Inverz is granny records’ third release following the split release between eventless plot and good luck mr gorsky (2008) and the compilation cd ‘bits of quartz glitter’ (2004). Inverz is the moniker under which Savvas Metaxas records his music the last four years. The ‘songs’ album was recorded during the winter of 2008 at inverz’s home and the compositions were built upon various layers of electric and acoustic guitars, vintage synths and field recordings. The album is enhanced with two collaborations, one featuring Iraklis Iosifidis from 2l8 on ‘bow song’ and the second featuring one mile tar on the remix of ‘q song’. Inverz, being an actual member of good luck mr gorsky and also playing and recording for the 2L8 band has established his presence in the underground musical community of Thessaloniki. In this album he offers his own interpretation of wide landscapes, abstract ambience and noise that stands out as his most complete work to date. Contact: