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Adam Serge / Michail Yula


Label: Defkaz

Genre: Jazz / Avant Garde


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Synomilia presents a sound trip which made effective the voice and the trumpet sampled on the real time, nourishing new spaces. This environment is animated by different beats and new materials creating a natural support for the improvised instrumental play development. It is a real musical narration/story built around a dynamic at a precise moment, creating previous images, like a script oneself could imagine in its own temporality. This record is enrols in the continuation of several concerts in Athènes and Thessalonique, using the same musical process. From one piece to another, the sampled voice – in live or upstream – acts as a framework for the musical architecture and is developping in the same way/linearity. The voice is completed with a bass introducing drums, keyboards and trumpet samples, and interacts with the musician. Free of electronic composition limits, the musician can let his instrumental talk run wild. Samples are transformed into a random way using a slicer, producing flood more than rhythmic and emphazises the resonant talks, exchanged in a same atmosphere.