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Enter The Newground - Live

Dj Kentaro

Enter The Newground - Live

Label: Ninja Tune

Genre: Freestyle / Nu Jazz / Funk / Afro


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Having released his first album “ENTER” in 2007 on Ninja Tune, DJ KENTARO stepped up to another level as creator and performer on his “ENTER THE NEWGROUND JAPAN TOUR 2007”, for which he toured 12 cities all over Japan. For the final show at LIQUIDROOM, Tokyo on May 2nd 2007 DJ KENTARO planned the “Audio Visual Set You’re Never Gonna See Again” integrating the stage and the visuals using 6 projectors and a giant screen. In this unique show he throws in everything from his DJ career and, together with a mad vibe from the audience and stunning visual set, he creates an amazing atmosphere. This legendary night, finally released here on DVD, features DJ KENTARO’s world-famous beat juggling, scratching and EQing techniques. Featuring performances from Hunger (GAGLE), FAT JON (FIVE DEEZ), THE PHARCYDE, LITTLE TEMPO, HIFANA who were also featured in the album, and Kisho Tosha who has been playing with dj KENTARO for many years. Shot with 9 cameras the whole show is here together with the videos for “FREE feat. MC SPANK ROCK” directed by KimGym and “TASOGARE HIGHWAY HIGH” animated by Teppei Maki and bonus tour footage, interviews, and extra clips directed by easeback. “ENTER THE NEWGROUND” LIVE!! DVD shows the other side of “ENTER”, moving the mix of live performance and visuals toward audio visual art. Five years after dj KENTARO won the DMC World Championship, this DVD shows a legendary performer at his peak. Also features the following videos and extras; ‘Free feat. Spank Rock’ Video by KimGym ‘Tasogare Highway High’ Video by Teppei Maki ‘Shuriken Cut (Revised Version)’ by easeback Interview (subtitled) and 2007 tour footage 01 Enter The Newground 02 One Hand Blizzard 03 Dvj Takin' ova 04 Jungle Jugg 05 Charlie Jugg 06 Jah Jaka 07 Hatsuyume feat. Hunger 08 Brightin' Star 09 Let It Go geat. Fat Jon 10 Little Journey feat. Little Tempo 11 Space Jungle 12 Keep On feat. The Pharcyde 13 Harvest Dance feat. Hifana 14 Sakura feat. Hifana 15 Fue Table 16 Encore & Ending 18 VIDEO - ‘Free feat. Spank Rock’ Video by KimGym 19 VIDEO - ‘Tasogare Highway High’ Video by Teppei Maki 20 VIDEO - ‘Shuriken Cut (Revised Version)’ by easeback 21 EXTRAS - Interview (subtitled) and 2007 tour footage