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Epistrophy At Utopia

Spyweirdos And Mourjopoulos John With Floridis Floros

Epistrophy At Utopia

Label: Ad Noiseam

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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Greece's Spyweirdos, who received a lot of attention in the recent years for his sharp and subtle glitchy electronica, pairs up this time with the two improv / free jazz musicians John Mourjopoulos and Floros Floridis. The three give birth to a surprisingly human, warm and catchy game of clicks, horns and strings. Deep, abrasive, but funky at parts: no surprise that the live rendition of this album have received excellent reviews. Having first caught the eye of Ad Noiseam through its splendid collaboration with Larvae on the Creative Space label, Athens's Spyros Polychronopoulos went on making a name for itself both in his home country and abroad through his remarkable "Wetsound Orchestra" (2006, Poeta Negra), as well as through highly praised live sets. An avid expert on all things glitch and clicks, Spyweirdos broke boundaries with the demo he sent to Ad Noiseam, and which ended up being this "Epistrophy At Utopia". Collaborating with the acoustics professor and jazz musician Thessaloniki-based John Mourjopoulos and featuring the live jams of jazz and improv veteran Floros Floridis, Spyweirdos embarked here on a venture to mix his sharp and incisive glitch (it's no surprise that he's been remixed by Alva Noto on his previous album) and the much warmer and human instrumentation of free jazz. The result, which manages to pay homage to both Thelonious Monk (on "Epistrophy") and electronic music pioneer Raymond Scott ("Raymond Bound") is carefully crafted and still joyful, precise but hospitable album. Prior to its release, this album has been performed several times by the trio, including a very remarked performance at the 2007 edition of the Synch Festival in Athens. Ad Noiseam is now proud to be able to present this highly enjoyable album which perfectly blends modern, challenging electronics with the warmth and attractiveness of jazz. Tracklisting: 1. Epistrophy 2. Ethnic music cleansing 3. Wet house (empty houses with dripping taps) 4. At 5. Utopia 6. Raymond bound (by his own loops) 7. The letter after omega