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Peekay Tayloh


Label: Poeta Negra

Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Experimental


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After Sofa O.D. and its enthusiastic acceptance by the world press Peekay Tayloh (by real name Pantelis Kakaroglou) presents his second accomplished work called Centrifugal. The breakbeats have a leading role in the narration Peekay Tayloh unfolds once more; while the ambient atmospheric sounds and his jazzy passages are enhanced in many tracks by noisy sounds and IDM rhythmic orientations. Centrifugal is a work with sensitivity and esoteric attitude coexisting with a sense of realism and the cruelty this may involve. His material is inspired by urban routine, with neurotic peaks and sensational extensions. Centrifugal functions as a modern soundlandscape made by and from the mega cities of today... The mastering of the album was undertaken by Darrell Fitton (aka Bola, Skam records).