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Mc Yinka


Label: Mind The Wax

Genre: Hip-Hop


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The multi dimensional Emcee and Vocalist Yinka, is redefining his sound by releasing a fully deep bass project. The album cover a big space of the urban sound spectrum, featuring Dubstep and Grime fills, UK Garage vibes and futuristic Hip-Hop beats. Yinka is getting in touch with his roots as he started as a Drum & Bass and Jungle MC grinding in clubs and bars in Greece.
This project will make you dance and flow as the veteran Emcee dives in to his inner soul and unfolds his lyrical and vocal skills over hard, space and deep beats produced by DJ Booker, Ghetto Rock, Digital Monk, DJ Cron, Wosui, Gio Melody, Vox Populi και AJ_808.

Red vinyl