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Enter Your Somas

Lamp Of The Universe Meets Dr. Space

Enter Your Somas

Label: Sound Effect

Genre: Rock / Pop


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Lamp of the Universe, aka Craig Williamson, the New Zealand-based one-man psych-rock institution, teams up with renown space-rock alchemyst Dr. Space, aka Oresund Space Collective (OSC), on an epic mind trip conceived and realized between Portugal and Hamilton, NZ. A time/space symphony spread in two tracks, “Enter Your Somas” and “Infiltrates Your Mind”. Not for the faint-hearted!

Story- In 2022, Scott approached Craig about making some music together. Both were fans of the work each other had done in all the different projects. In 2023, Scott sent Craig, two long synthesizer improvisations and a few months later, Craig had added his bits and made the mixes. Scott made some comments, adjustments were made and then Scott mastered it!! Done.


Dr Space- Analog Synthesizers, Mellotron Micro, Hammond XB-2, Modular Synth

Craig- Drums, Bass, Guitar, Sitar, Flute,

Shane Beck- spoken words (Side B)

Mixed at DS Studios, Hamilton, New Zealand

Mastered at Éstudio paraíso nas Nuvens Studio, Central Portugal

Artwork by David Graham